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Essential Oil Infused Bath Salts Soak in Jar Set of 4 | 7 oz each

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Experience premium relaxation with our bath salts. With the powerful combination of Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, and pure essential oils, our bath salts can provide relief from physical discomfort, headache, and muscular fatigue. Our handcrafted bath salts come in glass jars with cork lids, making them an ideal present for any occasion.

An essential oil fusion - A blend of oils and salts designed for calming aromatherapy, creating a sleep-inducing, spiritually uplifting ambiance. Organic formulation - Utilizing all-natural, plant-based elements, our bath salts bring toxin elimination, circulation benefits, joint relief and skin improvement. Various scents - Enjoy different fruity and floral fragrances to match any desired atmosphere. Multi-use - Experience the stimulating effects of our salts anywhere in your home. Leave the bath, shower or living room scented for all-encompassing aroma.But there’s more! Our bath salts can also be used as foot soak as it effectively moisturizes dry skin and alleviate tired muscles and joints like a luxurious foot spa session.


1- Calendula and Sea Salt (Citrus scent):  Epsom salt, sea salt, Tapioca Starch, dried calendula, blend of Citrus essential oils
2- Rose and Sea Salt:  Epsom salt, sea salt, Tapioca Starch, dried rose petals, rose Essential oil
3- Chamomile and Sea Salt (lavender Scent): Epsom salt, sea salt, Tapioca Starch,  dried chamomile flowers, lavender essential oils
4- Jasmine and Himalayan Pink (Jasmine Scent with grapefruit undertone): Himalayan Pink salt, Tapioca Starch, dried Jasmine flowers, Essential oils blend of Jasmine and Grapefruit

Instructions for use:

Pour either the entire or halved content of the jar into a bathtub, and soak for at least 30 minutes for the best relaxation experience. Each jar of our bath salts can last up to three full soak baths.

Shipping and Handling:

• The bath salts are made once the order is placed for ultimate freshness.
• It may take 1-2 business days (Mon.- Fri., excluding weekends and federal holidays) for your order to process.
• This time window does NOT include the shipping method you select at check-out. Please keep this in mind when you make your purchase.

• Do NOT use this product if you have open wounds, severe skin diseases, or chronic bladder infections.
• For pregnant users, consult your physician first.
• When adverse side effects persist, stop using the bath salts and contact your physician.

• This is handmade. This product is not intended to cure any type of disease or replace any prescription medication you are currently taking. This product and statements have not been approved by the FDA. Please be aware of any allergies you may have and consult your health care provider prior to consumption. Information provided for educational purposes only.

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